Mediation Can Make Your Divorce Less Painful

There are times when former spouses find it hard to move on after a divorce. The anger and the pain that they went through during the divorce proceeding stays with them and prevents them from getting on with their lives. In many cases, these types of roadblocks can be traced to the spouses' feelings of having no control over the outcome of the divorce. They often feel as if the judge made an order and that they had no say in the matter.

One solution that can help to alleviate some of these feelings is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a fast-growing area of family law that allows divorcing couples to work together to find a solution to every issue that needs to be resolved. Not only can a mediated agreement allow the spouses to walk away feeling more satisfied with the result, it is also much less traumatic on the children and tends to be a more cost-effective option.

Working Together To Find A Solution

In any divorce, there are a variety of issues that may be contested, including custody disputes, child support, alimony, property division and many others. In a mediation, the spouses would sit down with a mediator and work through every issue that needs to be settled. While mediation can still be contentious, it gives each spouse an equal say in every decision.

At the Suffield, Connecticut, law firm of Spellman, Kelly & Fanous LLC, attorney David Kelly enjoys a solid track record of success in divorce mediations. As mediator, Mr. Kelly would not represent either spouse and would not offer any legal advice. He would help the couple work through each issue until there was agreement on everything. Mr. Kelly would then prepare a corresponding divorce agreement and assist the couple in finalizing it through the court process.

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