Has Your Child Been Charged With Underage Drinking?

If your child is facing underage drinking charges, obtain help from a highly skilled juvenile defense lawyer. A conviction could haunt your child well into the future. College loans and grants could be put at risk, if your child has a drunk driving conviction on his or her record. Employers in a competitive market often look past individuals with a criminal background. The right attorney will know the right steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy, while seeking to mitigate potential damages.

At the Suffield, Connecticut, law firm of Spellman, Kelly & Fanous LLC, we understand the sensitive nature of underage drinking charges. The defense attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience representing juveniles accused of minor possession and underage drinking. We know how to navigate the criminal juvenile system in pursuit of a favorable resolution. When experience matters, contact our law firm to meet with a skilled Connecticut criminal defense attorney.

Defending Against Underage Drinking Charges

Attorney David Kelly has extensive experience defending high school and college students accused of underage drinking. He knows that law enforcement devotes substantial time and resources prosecuting individuals facing underage drinking in an effort to deter future offenses. Defense attorney Kelly is committed to leveling the playing field against your student through offering an aggressive defense strategy against serious charges, including:

Our law firm's top priority is to pursue every angle possible in keeping a conviction off your student's record. Attorney Kelly will try to stay ahead of the prosecution through mounting an aggressive defense strategy. Part of his focus will include evaluating the evidence obtained against your child, while conducting his own investigation. He will seek to determine if the arresting police officer made any false assumptions. Attorney Kelly will pursue a dismissal or reduced charges if law enforcement made any procedural errors or violated your child's constitutional rights.

Seeking To Minimize Potential Penalties

After years of experience focusing on criminal defense matters in Suffield and surrounding areas, attorney Kelly has earned a level of credibility with local prosecutors and judges. This has proven to be invaluable in negotiating for a favorable resolution when a dismissal is unavoidable. Attorney Kelly will pursue every angle possible to keep a conviction off your student's record. He will also negotiate for a lower sentence based on your student's clean record.

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